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Church’s is a high-end English footwear manufacturer founded in 1873 by Thomas Church and his three sons. During the 1990s the company came under the control of Prada which bought 83% of the company at US$170 million.


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Former Employee - Supervisor says

"manager work less than supervisor and get much bigger pay for sitting 3 days on the rota ,doesnt support the team ,put pressure to make money ,stay away ."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Underpaid for the amount of work you do - Management don't really care about staff - If you want to do overtime you aren't paid for it"

Former Employee - Sales Assistant says

"poor management, on the job training is weak, low salary"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Not nice environment in the team, bad management, no pay raise"

Former Employee - Sales Assistant says

"- Very low pay. - Hard work including stock room, delivery, loads of back office stuff to sort out, doing that you loose sales and commissions. - Terrible and unprofessional Italian management, they tell you off all the time, huge expectations for a really low salary. - Staff turn over very high, people leave as soon as possible and this is a sign that it’s a really unpleasant place to work. - During the interview process they will make you believe that you can make a lot of money with commissions (to justify a so low salary, and be sure that those amount of money are impossible to reach, the product sells well only in winter time) - Quality of the product it’s dropping down, loads of faulty and returned items. Advice: Look for something different, it’s plenty of places where your employer will respect you."

Former Employee - Sales says

"Store management are the worst in the industry. Italian management totally incompetent. Whole business is HR run. Do not work here !!"

Current Employee - Sales Assistant says

"Badly managed High staff turn over Incredibly low pay"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The pay does not reflect the brand identity"

Current Employee - Retail Sales Associate says

"None so far,for me. Nice company"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"It is extremely gross and fast paced management is rude and unprofessional they dont care about employees and be expected on working 40 hours the staff is overworked and pay is mínimum not worth your time"

General Manager (Current Employee) says

"Churchs chicken they owe me 2 weeks in vacation an want give it to me I work 100.00 hours an get paid only 80 hours an we work on holidays with no pay an sometime they short your check an don't wanna pay over time."

Asistente de Gerente (Former Employee) says

"Empresa estresante, explotadora con el personal que día a día se enfrente a nuevos retos. Falta de ética profesional."

Cashier Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Manager was unorganized, people complained about the workers service, manager had no interest in anything the customer's would say or workers. poor staffing and foodpoor staffing"

Shift Leader (Current Employee) says

"Working at churches can be fun and easy. But the management makes it toxic. They will have favourites and if you don’t butter managers then you are in trouble. Your work efforts are not taken into account.Made good friends.worse management"

Cashier/Cook (Former Employee) says

"Wouldn't recommend anyone to work there. They're not really organized at that location. And some of the workers have very bad workers they dont care what they say"

Prep,Prep-Cook,Dishwasher,Cashier, & Janitor (Current Employee) says

"The company is being run by incompetent managers. You, are not allowed to grow or change positions in the company. The schedule is made when they feel like making the schedule. As, if you don't have a life besides Church's Chicken.They, never acknowledge their employees. To, the owner your team is how a business stay open. Ask, the employees what they think on the company growing."

Food Prep (Former Employee) says

"It was the same routine come in wash your hands and make sure all the food trays are full if not you do it then I would switch on and off from cashier to food prep some time do both"

Shift Manager (Former Employee) says

"This isn't a company I would ever recommend to work for. If you aren't Hispanic than not the company to work for. You get hours that you aren't available to work and then told to figure it out"

Cook (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work at in my opinion and there is no structure No team work no one page attention its dirty management sucks. Never got the sense of belonging basically there was no love among workers something I couldnt get with"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"I hated this job very disrespectful manger they was very nasty place very dirty were the food was placed alot of dirty water on the floor very rude people working there"

Cashier/Cook (Former Employee) says

"The staff was always rude couldn't talk to the customers right because they were also rude. There was no kind of team just people doing what they felt like."

Shift Leader (Former Employee) says

"Working for CHURCH'S was my worst work experience!! BAH LLC only cares aboput the business not they're employees I worked for six months for this company at $8.00 and hour started as a cook leader to a shift leader and no pay raise never called in never was late for work please never work for this company"

Restaurant General Manager (Current Employee) says

"This company is not in the state to pay or treat employees how they should, you can not live on the pay and you will be working alone! It is not worth the trouble"

Cook/Prep (Current Employee) says

"I hate working there but needed a job so I tried it really not good management also owner is very rude the store manager has her baby daddy in her daughter working there in they don't do no work she force u to sell out dated chicken in Complaining alot"

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"The district managers are gorrible i was a general manager and they dobt pay u on time its always a excuse bout how they gone fix the problem n never do it horrible place to work lil rock conway locations"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Wouldn't recommend this company for employment. It is not a place to want to move up. It's not very professional. Only good thing is it is a weekly paying job."

Cashire (Former Employee) says

"Not good pay no benifits all lies no raises under paid no health plans no benifits pto or any thing would not tefer anyone to eat or work at churches chicken"

Cashier and Food Prep (Current Employee) says

"They cut hours you don't get all of your hours that you're scheduled for... It kinda sucks because that only mean you will have a hard time paying bills that need to be paid"

Cashier/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"They only hire Mexicans only. I work for churches this lady was rude etc she harassed me every day. I quit because I'm not working someone that not even a no factor. I go a better paying job without harassing etc bs." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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